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Thanks for taking the time to stop by! I know how busy you are and I appreciate that you are here. My hope is that you will find all kinds of helpful information to make your Walt Disney World vacation everything that you dreamed it would be.

My name is Amy. I am married, have 4 kiddos and work part-time as an RN.                           

I have been going to Walt Disney World since I was in 5th grade. I lived in Florida that year and it is where my love for Disney World began. You know when life is hard and you just need an escape from your real world? Well, for that year, Disney World was our escape. My mom would literally decide one morning that we (mostly she) needed a break from the difficulties of real-life and she would ask us if we wanted to skip school and go to Disney for the day instead. Well, duh, of course, we did!! So we would slip off into this magical world for the day where everyone was pleasant, things were beautiful and you didn’t have a care in the world. Like so many other people, Disney World holds a sweet, nostalgic place deep in my heart.

My hope for you.

With this blog, I hope to help families plan a Walt Disney World vacation that they will cherish. It hurts my heart when I hear people say they did not enjoy their trip and may never go back. Planning your Walt Disney World vacation can be daunting but it is crucial for having the magical experience your family deserves. My wish is to simplify your planning experience and help you be prepared to have an amazing trip.


your 4 Real Disney Mom

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