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Breaking Update: Walt Disney World and Disneyland will remain Closed

Walt Disney World Resorts and Disneyland Resort announced earlier this month that, in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, they would close till the end of March. Since that time Disney officials have been silent about extending that closure. Even after Orange county’s mayor issued a stay-at-home order through April 9th, where Walt Disney World is located, Disney made no further announcement, until today. This is the update released by Disney-

Disney employees have also been anxiously awaiting to hear something. Today it was announced that hourly parks and resorts Cast Members will continue to be paid through April 18th.

If you have an upcoming vacation booked and are looking to cancel or re-schedule your trip it may be best to hold off a couple of days. Phone lines and online portals are already overloaded with traffic.

With the previous closure dates, guests were allowed to reschedule reservations without cancelation fees or charges.

More information will be coming.

Stay well and we will see you real soon. I promise❤️

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