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Disney’s Stroller Rental Policy

Disney’s stroller rental policy changed in October of 2019.  Keeping up with changes at Walt Disney World is a full-time job! But, that’s why you have me 🙂 I will keep you informed about all of the latest changes happening in the World.

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Stroller and Mobility Device Rental 101

Before I tell you about Disney’s new rental policy, let’s discuss the basics of stroller/ECV/wheelchair rental at Walt Disney World. Essentially there are two choices. You can rent these items in the parks from Disney or through a third-party rental agency for length of stay use. 

Renting from Disney

Disney offers stroller, wheelchair and ECV rentals inside each of the 4 parks and at Disney Springs. There is a rental location at the front of every park entrance.  These rental items can only be used in the parks. It must be returned at the park entrance prior to leaving for the day. If you are hopping to another park, your rental must be returned at the first park and you can pick up another rental item at your second park for no additional cost. For more information, check out this post about Choosing and Using the Best Stroller for Walt Disney World. 

Renting from Third-Party Company

There are several agencies in the Orlando area that rent strollers, scooters (ECV) and wheelchairs. This rental option is good for the length of your stay. The rental agency brings your stroller/ECV/wheelchair to your hotel, you use it for the length of your stay and the agency picks it up on your departure date. Some of these agencies were Disney Featured Companies. This meant that the agency could drop off your stroller at your resort on your arrival day and you could pick it up from bell service when you arrive.  And, you could leave it with bell service at the time of your departure and the rental company would pick it up from bell service. This is where things have changed.

Disney's Stroller Rental Policy

Starting October 1, 2019, Scooterbug will be Disney’s only Featured Provider for length of stay stroller, wheelchair, and ECV rentals. Go HERE to see Walt Disney Worlds official statement.

What does this mean?

If you get your rental item from Scooterbug, you will not need to be present when your equipment (stroller/EVC)  is delivered. Scooterbug will work directly with Disney Resort Cast Members to manage deliveries and returns.  You can pick up and drop off your rental with bell service at your convenience.

You can still rent from other third-party vendors but you will need to meet a representative from your rental company for delivery and return.

Former Disney Featured Providers responce

Here are company statements from the 3 third-party rental companies that were Disney Featured Providers prior to this new change. I am confident that they will find ways to make delivery and returns of there products convienient for customers. We will watch for them to release further information once they have time to adjust to this new policy.

Kingdom Strollers

Disney has changed their stroller rental delivery and pick up procedures effective Oct 1st. Orders placed for delivery or pick up after Nov 2nd will now need to meet with a representative from Kingdom Strollers at your resort for the delivery and pick up of your rental. 

Pick up and delivery options-

New Airport location! Starting Jan. 8, 2020 you can pick up and return your stroller rental at Orlando International Airport. The pick up and return counter will be located in Terminal A, Level 1 close to the USO lounge. The airport counter is open from 5am to 7pm, 7 days a week.

Walt Disney World Resorts– You must meet face to face with a Kingdom Stroller representative for delivery and return. Choose a time that you are available to meet and you will receive a location via email after your order is placed. 

Any other hotel, resort or vacation home– Strollers will be delivered to bell service at your hotel or resort. Once you have checked in pick up claim your stroller from the bell service desk. Returns will also be made to bell service. For private home delivery select a delivery time for after you have arrived. 

Orlando Stroller Rentals

Pick up and delivery options-

Airport location– Starting in October 2019, we are very excited to say that our customers will be able to pick up and return their strollers to and from the Orlando International Airport. The pick-up and return counter will be at B Terminal Level 1 (near B11) of the airport which is the same level as Disney’s Magical Express.

Orlando Stroller Rentals store– located at 3232 Rolling Oaks Blvd in Kissimmee just minutes away from Animal Kingdom. We are open every day from 8am-5pm.

Walt Disney World Resorts– Select a time to meet a representative at your resort for stroller pick up and delivery.

Any other hotel, resort or vacation home-. When staying at a non Disney hotel your stroller will be waiting for you in the hotel’s luggage room or reception area.  You may return to the same location on your last rental day. Arrangements can be made for delivery to private home locations when your order is placed.

Non-Disney owned resorts that are on Disney property include: The Swan and Dolphin, Shades of Green, and Four Seasons.  These resorts will continue to be delivered to the luggage room.

Magic Stroller

Magic Stroller company has not updated their website well to reflect this new policy change. It is my understanding from the information on their website that they will not deliver to Disney owned resorts at all.  

Warehouse location– If you pick up your stroller at the warehouse location, which is halfway between Walt Disney World and Orlando International Airport you will receive a 25% discount. 

Walt Disney World Resorts- Magic Strollers does not deliver to these resorts. Retals may be picked up at the warehouse location. Deliveries will still be made to the luggage room at non-Disney owned resorts located on Disney property: The Swan and Dolphin, Shades of Green, and Four Seasons.  

Any other hotel or resort– Deliveries will be made to the luggage room at your hotel or resort and can be claimed at bell service.

It appears they will no longer deliver to a private home. Strollers will need to be picked up at the warehouse location. 

For more information about these rental companies and their strollers see this post about How to pick the Best Stroller for Walt Disney World.

Things to Consider


Scooterbug has been Disney’s Featured Provider for third party rentals at Disney Springs and the Disney parks for some time. So, hopefully, Disney chose to go with this company as their sole Featured Provider due to customer satisfaction and not just financial reasons. I have seen a fair amount of bad reviews regarding Scooterbugs ECV’s. If you have issues with this company I highly encourage you to let Disney know. Their decision to select one Featured Provider should make them accountable for the quality of service their guests receive from them. I would also encourage you to let people know when you have a good experience with Scooterbug. 

Non-Disney Hotels

 You can still have your stroller, wheelchair, and ECV delivered and returned through bell service if you are staying at a non-Disney owned resort. This includes resorts on Disney property such as Walt Disney World’s Swan, Dolphin, Shades of Green and Four Season and most of the resorts surrounding Disney property. Check with your hotel or rental company reguarding their policy.

NEW option from Orlando International Airport

Kingdom Strollers and Orlando Stroller Rentals have  begun offering pickup and drop off of your rental item at Orlando International airport! 

Good While it Lasted

While Disney’s stroller rental policy change seems like a real hassle, frankly, I am surprised that Disney has been offering this service for this long. Can you imagine how many deliveries bell service has to deal with in a day? I would not be surprised to see Disney incorporate a new policy in terms of grocery deliveries also. They recently added a $6.00 charge to have your groceries delivered to your resort room but you can still have them delivered to bell service at no charge. The amount of grocerie delivers each resort receives a day will only continue to increase. So at some point I am sure they will need to address that issue as well. 

One thing you can always count on at Walt Disney World is change. If you really like something, take full advantage of it while you can because it might not be around the next time you go back. Likewise, if you are not real fond of something, chances are good it won’t be around forever! 

 Stick with me, friend. I will help you navigate your way through the ever changing world of Disney. Let’s make sure you have the magical Walt Disney World vacation you are dreaming of!

Share your experience with renting a stroller for your Disney World vacation in the comments. 


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