Disney Easter Basket ideas

Give your kids a Disney Easter Basket filled with all the things they will need anyway for that upcoming Walt Disney World vacation! 

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Packing up Disney Fun

These look like the perfect Easter basket to me! Load these babies up with all of your Disney vacation essentials and you’ll be all ready to go.


These are so cute and will keep you perfectly organized for getting up early to make it to the parks for rope drop!

Kids will love to get their very own luggage for visiting Mickey. Keeping everyones clothes in their own suitcase helps to the family stay organize (sort of) for your whole trip. A great tip for packing kids clothes is to have them pack an outfit for each day in a seperate ziplock bag. Sometimes you can find Disney themed bags if you watch for them. I have a stash of them at my house!


Maybe mom would like a cute bag for that upcoming trip! Yes, this is a shameless hint to my family.

Park Days

The Florida sun is very intense so a hat is a great thing to have. Getting kids to wear hats can be a challenge but a cute, new Disney hat might just do the trick. AND they are the perfect souvenier if you get them autographed!



Everyone always has more fun in a cute outfit!

Pin Trading

I was surprised how much my kids enjoyed pin trading. It is a fun way to collect souvenirs and for interacting with other guests and cast members. We have pins that are special to us because they represent a celebrated event or character and attractions that we love. 

Pool Days

Some fun things you probably need to get anyway for hanging out at the resort pool!

Things to Autograph

Autograph book

Autograph photo book

Autograph Doll

Mickey Ears

Character Book

Fun Disney Fillers




These are not neccessarily items you will take with you to Disney but they were too cute not to share! 

Have fun filling up your Disney Easter Basket! This would be a super fun way to let your kids know they are heading out for a Walt Disney World vacation soon!

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