How to pick the Best Stroller for Walt Disney World

What is the best stroller to use when visiting Walt Disney World? What are the best stroller rental options? What do I need to know about using a stroller in the parks? There are a lot of things to consider when making your stroller decision for Disney World. I want to help simplify this choice and share some information with you that will make navigating the parks a little easier.

The Keenz stroller wagon was a very popular option for corraling the little ones. It has tons of benefits for a park stroller. There is a lot of storage room, sunshade, easy to maneuver, great for naps and it is especially useful for families of children with various medical and emotional needs.


Starting May 1st, 2019 stroller wagons are no longer permitted in the Walt Disney Word or Disneyland parks. 

        New guidelines also           limit stroller size to  31 inches (79 cm) wide and  52 inches (132 cm) long.

As a side note, I have heard that exceptions will be made for those families who are using a stroller wagon as a wheelchair or an assistive device for families with children that have special needs. For further information, it would be best to contact Disney Disability Services. Link to email and phone number here.

Let’s look at your options for pushing the little people around Walt Disney World.

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Disney Rental

One option that I think most people quickly pass over is renting a stroller in the parks. These do work best for older kids, I would say 2 and older, as they do not recline or have any padding. They don’t look like the most appealing choice but they do have their benefits. If you only feel the need to have a stroller inside the parks it is nice to not have to deal with hauling a stroller on the bus, boat, monorail or tram. Emptying an overloaded double stroller to board the bus at the end of the day can be a real struggle. I liked how easily the kids could get in and out of this stroller. They did not have to climb up into them or struggle with a bunch of straps. It also offers a nice resting spot for older kids. While I would not have pushed my bigger kids around in this stroller, they did use it often as somewhere to sit down and take a break. Here is a link to Disney’s official stroller rental information.

Easy to use for parade viewing
Big and little sis taking a rest
kids in double rental stroller at Disney World
Disney tired

Stroller Rental Company

Renting a stroller from a local rental company is a very popular option. There are several companies that offer this service but there are three that are Disney Featured Providers. These companies can deliver your stroller to your Disney resort luggage room so it is waiting for you upon arrival to your resort. This is a wonderful advantage of renting from these companies. No need to schedule a time that you think you may be available to meet them. They will also pick it up from the resort luggage room when you depart! You do not have to be present.   Please see this post about Disney’s new policy change for stroller delivery to resorts.

Each of these companies offer different accessories and have different policies so be sure to review each of them.

Below are the three Disney Featured Companies and the strollers they have available for rental. ***These companies are no longer Disney Featured Companies but they offer some great perks and advantages. Read more about Disney’s stroller policy change HERE.

Orlando Stroller Rentals

-Citi Mini single

-Citi Mini double

-Citi Mini GT single 

-Citi Mini GT double

-Summit x3 single 

-Maclaren XT Techno Single

Magic Strollers 

-Citi Mini single

-City Mini 2 single

-Citi Mini double

-Citi Mini GT single

-Citi Mini GT 2 single 

-Citi Mini GT double

-Summit x3 single 

-Summit x3 double

Kingdom Strollers 

-Citi Mini single

-Citi Mini double

-Citi Mini GT single 

-Citi Mini GT double

-Bob Revolution single 

-Bob Revolution Dualie

Stroller Features

Citi Mini Single/Double

-no adjustable handlebar

-folds the thinest 

-weight of stroller

    single 16.8 pounds

    double 26.6 pounds

– stroller can hold

     single 50 pounds

     double 100 pounds

-removeable wheels

-one hand fold

Citi Mini GT 2 Single/Double

-adjustable handlebar

-weight of stroller

    single 20.9 punds

    double 32.5 pounds

-stroller can hold

    single 65 pounds

    double 100 pounds

-removeable all-terrain wheels

-one hand fold

Summit x3 Single/Double

-adjustable handlebar

-thickest of all when folded

-weight of stroller

     single 28.5 pounds 

     double 37 pounds

-stroller can hold

     single 75 punds

     double 100 pounds

-removeable wheels

-one hand fold

BOB Revolution Single/Double

-adjustable handlebar

-weight of stroller

    single 28 pounds

    double 32 pounds

-stroller can hold

    single 70 pounds

    double 100 pounds

-removable wheels

-two step fold

Maclaren XT Techno Single

-adjustable handlebar

-weight of stroller 11.8 pounds

-stroller can hold 55 pounds

-easy fold

Bring Your Stroller

Obviously your other option is to bring your personal stroller with you. Many people prefer this for the convenience of having a stroller at the airport. The main concern with flying with your stroller is the beating it will take. Gate checking your stroller and using a stroller bag can help minimize any damage to your stroller.  It is important to check with your airline about their stroller policy. Here is a nice link for information on each airline’s policy.

Buying the Best Stroller for Walt Disney World

You could spend hours, or days, researching reviews to determine what stroller is the best stroller for your Walt Disney World vacation. But I am going to help you out here. There is a reason why the above-mentioned stroller rental companies basically rent out the 3 or 4 same stroller models. It’s because they work well for a Disney vacation. 

When considering a stroller for Disney, the main features you want are:


-Easy to collapese

-Good storage

-Easy to maneuver       

Other features you might want to consider:

-Parents counsel/cup holder

-Adjustable handlebar

-Child tray 

-Rain cover

Stroller Etiquette

One thing is for sure, there are LOTS of strollers at Disney World. We will all have a more enjoyable experience if we brush up on our stroller etiquette. To be fair, some of these are specific to Disney so some of this may be new information.

1. Stay on the right side                                                     

I get it, not everyone drives on the right side of the road but here in the states we do and it is customary to walk on the right side also. This would solve oh so many problems with the flow of traffic in the parks if we could all just stay right. 

2. Park your stroller in designated areas

Most rides, shows and attractions have designated stroller parking areas. This is not always the case but when there is it is best to use them. 

3. Do not allow children to push the stroller

While this may be cute and charming in wide open spaces, it is not so much in a croweded theme park. 

4. Try to allow for some space between your stroller and the person in front of you

Granted this is no small task when navigating through crowds but try to be aware of it and kindly apologize if you have misjudged the space you have and clip someone. 

5. Practice collapsing your stroller till you can fold it like a Ninja 

Sorry, but at the end of a very long day no one is in the mood to sit on the bus waiting for you to dismantle your double wide.

Tips for Using Strollers at Walt Disney World

1. Don’t panic if your stroller is not where you left it

Coming out of an attraction to a sea of strollers and realizing your stroller is not parked where you left it can send you into panic mode. However, it was likely moved by a cast member. Even if you parked it in the attractions designated parking area cast member tend to organize strollers to create better traffic flow. 

2. Make your stroller easy to identify

Have I mentioned that there will be lots of strollers? And that many of those strollers may look exactly like yours? Oh, and that it might be moved without your knowledge? So, because of all of this, you will want to be able to easily identify your stroller. The easiest way to do this putting something colorful on the stroller handle. A scarf, bandana, duck tape, stroller tag or place an inexpensive bag on the canopy. Many have advised against using a balloon as it is too common and the thing will be flappping in your face all day. 

3. Get some D hooks 

This is a simple way to help keep your stroller a little more organized. Clipping any bags that you leave in your stroller while unattended can help prevent them from being taken. Yes, it happens. I think these are handy to have for traveling in general. Grab some HERE 

4. Throw out or close up any uneaten food

The birds and squirrells at Disney are not shy and they will gladly partake in any treats you leave exposed for them. 

5. Prepare for the weather

As we all know, it will likely rain when you are at Disney. Keep your stroller, belonging and the kiddos dry with a stroller cover or even a good quality poncho may do the trick. (Personally not a fan of the cheap ponchos) Please be cautious when using a rain cover. It will block any airflow in the stroller causing the space to heat up very quickly. Wet kids are better than kids with heat exhaustion.

A stroller fan is very good to have, especially for infants, if you are there in the summer months. This is one is a good option for use on your stroller or in your room. Link HERE

6. Strollers must be folded when riding on Disney buses, parking trams and trains. They do not need to be folded on the monorail or ferry boat.

Have a strategy for unloading and folding your stroller prior to using Disney transportation. Practice folding up your stroller prior to using it in the parks and start packing up all of the things in and on your stroller BEFORE you need to fold it.

7. Strollers are not allowed in most Disney restaurants

There will be designated stroller parking outside of the restaurant.

8. A light blanket and clips are great for extra stroller shade

Be sure there is still plenty of airflow, preferable from a fan, to prevent overheating.  These clips are great for holding a lightweight blanket in place for shade and can be used to keep your towel on your beach chairs. 

I truely hope that this information will help make your Disney vacation magical . Please join my friend list for more advice on making your Disney dreams come true.

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